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Hi there, fellow Midguard Adventurers! Welcome to the Final Judgement webpage. 

Check out one of our videos on our Bloody Branch event.

Guild News

September 12th Maintenance Update

-=maldita=-, Sep 5, 12 12:37 PM.
Getting these notes posted up early:

Ymir being changed to no longer require VIP to be able to create characters.

Talk like a Pirate Day quest will be added, will be in for a month, get yer grog! Updated with pictures and the headgear reward: the Air Pirate's Bandana!
Guide For these Quest: Talk like a pirate Guide

Alora in the second floor of the eden group will be able to make new exchanges of +8 headgears for their costume versions. They will also be purchasable individually for 300 kp-the previous headgears will be cycling out from the box.
These Costume hats will grant 15% EXP bonus until November 13 maint.

Costume Boy's Cap
Costume Satellite Hairband *New there is no Trade in for it
Costume Tiara
Costume Crown


Petit 86 70-95
Kobold 107 90-110
Raydric 115 105-120
Hodremlin 122 115-130
Dolomedes 132 125-140
Little Fatum 142 135-150


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Wycca, Sep 3, 12 2:16 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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